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Billiard has been in existence during the early days. The tools that were used during those times for billiard are considered as engineering marvels of the human race,. You have to realize that before there were no machines that could help manufacturers in creating the tools and accessories for the sport but they were still able to make fine billiard tables and billiard cues. Antique billiard cues are considered nowadays as valued possessions that could worth some good amount. A lot of collectors and billiard enthusiasts are surely interested to buy these antique billiard cues. There are more information that you need to know about these antique billiard cues. See www.foldingpooltable.co.uk to know more.


Billiard cues came into market during the 17th century. A lot of people play billiards that time and they only used wood cues. The tip was not yet made out of rubber. A person in the name of Francois Mingaud who created the first cue tips. During the 19th century, when he was still in prison, billiards has become his past time. To improve the way he hits the ball, he opted to create cue tips out of his rubber shoes. You also need to know that wood was the primary material being used for cue sticks. Graphite came into the market when luxury and expensive cues were already available.


These antique billiard cues were sold in different countries before. There were countries in Europe which made billiard popular and thus people opted to buy cue sticks from famous manufacturers. Brunswick for instance made its first cue sticks during 1845 and the cues were made out of maple and ebony. Billiard became popular first in France. Henin Aine is one of the most popular manufacturers before and their cues had pearls embedded on them. You will also need pool table accessories.


Antique cues were made with utmost care and artistry. Most of the manufacturers before really spent a lot of time just to make sure that each cue stick was special. The handles had carvings which made it look classy and sophisticated. Golf, silver and pearls were also incorporated in the design. They used to wrap the billiard cues in silk before.


There are some hints that you need to know for you to properly identify a cue stick whether it is old or new. Most probably, the old cue will have evidences of tearing as it has been present for ages. The carvings may show tearing. You have to look at the number of cues. A two piece cue has been made after the 20th century. Those which were made before 20th century had only one cue piece. The carvings in the cue sticks are intricate in old cues that in the modern ones.

These antique cues are good collectibles especially for billiard enthusiasts around. If you are one of them, you need to make sure that you know something about antique cue sticks. You can display them in your billiard room. This will also help you realize the rich history of billiard. It will surely help you appreciate it more.


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