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The reason why for that is obvious; a small piece that is made for some obvious purpose or just for decoration. Craftsman that forged a beautiful piece of antique needs to spent much more time on building and creating than you and I can possibly think.

Few key things to determine antique china value.

Just one of them is usefulness or purpose that the antique is made for. Tea sets, cups for different purposes, plates, ornaments, bowls, and so on. Decorative china antiques usually carry more value than non decorative items. Explanation is pretty simple, they are made for viewing. Also in most cases larger china means higher price, although this is not always true.

It is well-known that for most antique china items age brings more attention. But it is hard to determine. This could be resolved by expert opinion or doing research on that antique over the internet. If you are doing it alone than I suggest Google as a starting point and your antique china keyword as a starter. 99% of antique china is indexed on the net so it should not be a problem to find it.

Price drops if you own damaged piece of antique china. Refurbishing cost but sometimes it can pay of to invest a few dollars when you own a rare antique. It is hard to preserve china intact because it is so easy to get damaged and also it is even more easier to spot imperfections on antique china. One additional advice is to do examination with a magnifying glass. It is much easier to point style and pattern. You should check for discoloration and cracks.

Once you detect the age and condition than you can form your antiques value.

First off you need to check market conditions; you can do this on the internet or even check it with antique dealers. Check if similar style and age china exists on the market. If so than your value determining stops, you have found the value of antique. PS: Always double-check, maybe the owner is getting rid of it or is in a hurry to sell. Other case when there are no similar antiques on the market than find one from similar age, size and style to narrow price range. After that price should be formed with objective opinion not subjective desire.

If you are planning to resell that piece of antique than you should do even more complex research. Like checking your piece of antique china with black light for imperfections. Go find expert knowledge in antique stores, auction houses, or similar. Their knowledge is invaluable and is highly advisable in this point when you are willing to trade your antique china.

Always be careful when dealing antique china because there are many fake items sold over the net, and their reproduction is not that difficult.

Albert Hoff is antique collector and expert in field of antique furniture values and antiques. You can search his site or blog for more info on that subject, and also find a free mini course Antiquing Tricks of the Trade.


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Antique China Value

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This article was published on 2011/04/06