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Royal Worcester is a make of porcelain and today is the oldest operating English porcelain factory still creating porcelain. Antique Royal Worcester porcelain pieces are very popular collector’s items and many antique dealers specialise in antique Royal Worcester items. The antiques market is big business and many people make a good living out of buying and selling good antiques. If you are very lucky you can sometimes pick up some great finds at car boot sales or charity shops as people don’t realise the item is of value and just want to get rid of it. If you know about antiques then you are probably one of the people who look for such bargains and may have made a great profit from selling these antiques.

Antique Royal Worcester porcelain items come in a wide range of styles and designs and most are nicely decorated and painted. If you have a piece of Antique Royal Worcester and you want to check its age and authenticity then you need to look at the mark on it. This mark will be used by antique dealers to tell them when it was produced and help them to value an item. If you think you have got a piece of antique Royal Worcester that you would like to sell them you can take it to a number of antique dealers to see what price they will offer you for it.

Antique cranberry glass is another very valuable collector’s item and likely to worth quite a bit of money if you own a piece. It is thought that a lot of cranberry glass was produced in the Victorian era so if you think your piece of antique cranberry glass is from Victorian times then it is well worth getting valued by an antique dealer to see how much you could sell it for. If you want to invest in some antique cranberry glass then you can look on the in internet to see how much you should be paying for certain items to compare prices between different antique dealers.

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Antique Royal Worcester

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Antique Royal Worcester

This article was published on 2011/12/14