The Charm Behind Antiques and Collectibles

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Imagine holding an object that has been in existence for over a hundred years and has passed several hands, before it has reached yours! Fascinating, isn’t it? That’s the beauty of antiques. Each and every antique has a story to tell. The same goes with collectibles. People are either drawn to the beauty or the history of the antique or are attracted to a collectible that reminds them of their childhood.

For those who’ve grown up watching super heroes like Superman, Spiderman, and G. I. Joe collecting comics and toys of these super heroes is great fun. It’s not only the Spiderman and the Superman, who’s a favorite of collectors, but also the Star Trek Crew, Power Rangers, Star Wars, characters which have become popular collectibles. The G. I. Joe, Captain Action, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Lone Ranger and the Mego line of action figures are famous as well. Most of these action figures were produced during the 70’s and the 80’s. Some of these collectibles are said to be sold for over a 1000 dollars. Of course it is important to buy one without being conned. There is a rating system that helps collectors determines the price and condition of the collectibles. It ranges from C-1 to C-10. The best is the mint in box or mint in card. This condition ensures that the toys are preserved in the original bubble wrap that they were bought, and sell for a very good price.

For those who’d love to be different collecting antique knives and swords can be fun. There are a number of antique shops that promote antique knives and swords. You could get anything from pocket knives, to hunting knives, classic gun knives, boar knives, throwing spikes and even stilettos.

If history interests you, you could collect antiques from the lost world. There’s everything from antiques that date back to the roman era, or antiques that are from the pre-Columbian era and even the Mayan civilization.

As earlier said, it is easy to be conned when buying these. A number of websites offer to sell antiques, but they are either over priced or fake. Before you buy an antique make sure you know enough about its history. When it comes to buying antiques and collectibles knowledge is power! You could buy these through auction websites. Flea markets are also a great place to buy them.

Although the dollar value of these antiques and collectibles cannot be denied, the thrill of owning something that’s unique is unmatched.

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The Charm Behind Antiques and Collectibles

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This article was published on 2010/10/12